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Palestinians don't want a peace US Observer (6 months 25 days ago)

The real villains are the Muslim governments who have kept the Palestinian people penned up in “Refugee Camps” for over 70 years. The Palestinians in the camps have been denied citizenship to the countries, and the ability to move through the societies of the “host” countries which means they don’t have access to jobs, education or hopes for a decent future. They are kept hungry and angry then told it is Israel that caused all this. The real reason is the Countries they are living in don’t want them for anything but cannon fodder and to cause trouble for Israel.

Ayuba Ishaku Markus Observer (10 months 23 days ago)

I voted for Isreal

Moses Observer (10 months 23 days ago)

No its not

Hamba Allah Observer (10 months 27 days ago)

Zionis X Pernah Diajar Untuk Hormat Orang Tua Dan Sewaktu Dengannya Kerana ISRAEL ZIONIS Bodoh

effa MY Voted for YES, it is YES, it is (10 months 28 days ago)

Pfft...there is something wrong with the question....Israel is a state????

ikram Voted for YES, it is YES, it is (11 months 1 day ago)

al quds is a capital of palestine for ever in chaa allah

all the mothers of the muslims RU Voted for NO, its not NO, its not (11 months 17 days ago)

are terrorist , all the sisters of the muslims are terrorists all the offspring of any muslims are terrorists -we deal with the terrorist ---

Alyami RO Observer (11 months 26 days ago)

Those who said Israel is not a terrorist state is either a blind or criminal for very obvious reasons. It is a Zionist state, blind criminals and thugs

Salam Observer (1 year 1 month ago)

I believe the two religions Islam and Judaism come from God. To know the truth, one must seek it without referring to those who already have misconceptions and false ideas.

AM YISRAEL KHAY! Voted for NO, its not NO, its not (1 year 5 months ago)


Truth Voted for NO, its not NO, its not (1 year 5 months ago)

Fakeistnians are terrorist like Malaysians. The people in this website know the truth. Free West Papua!

How dare you? MY Observer (2 years 30 days ago)

This is the most stupid thing that I've ever seen. This website will just make people blind of the real thing that happen now.

Zedd anonymous MY Observer (2 years 30 days ago)

Yes... Terrorist

المسلمين تأكل القضيب الخنازير US Observer (2 years 4 months ago)

Islam = terror! In the koran all muslims have a religious duty to forcefully establish the religion of Islam, until the entire World is enslaved under strict Islamic Shariah law. The Arabic word, "taqiyya" means DECEIT & unlike other religions; Islam not only permits its believers to lie but actually commands it. This allows Muslims to LIE in order to achieve their objective & hidden agenda. All Islamic hatred & violence against Israel is rooted in the doctrine, law & scriptures of Islam itself. Their propaganda, copied directly from Hitler's(copy/paste in your searchbar: SHOCKING VIDEO MUSLIMS DON'T WANT YOU TO SEE). MUSLIMS ARE COMMANDED TO FORCEFULLY SPREAD ISLAM WITH MURDER, LIES & TERROR FOR ETERNITY, UNTIL THE WORLD IS SUBJUGATED UNDER ISLAM. ISLAM IS HELLBENT ON WORLD CONQUEST, ANNIHILATING ALL NON-MUSLIMS & IMPLEMENTING ISLAM EVERYWHERE. THEY THINK THAT IF THEY CAN DESTROY ISRAEL & ERADICATE JEWS THEY WILL SUCCEED WITH THEIR PLAN TO ISLAMIZE THE WORLD UNDER A CALlPHATE.

Akone Nkruma GH Voted for NO, its not NO, its not (2 years 4 months ago)

Do you people know what is happening in Nigeria with Boko Haram? That, my friends, is true horror, true terrorism.

@the mad gazan DE Voted for NO, its not NO, its not (2 years 5 months ago)

he has no job and so he is writing nonsense the day long..

israel dreanched with 9.11 blood AU Observer (2 years 5 months ago)

: 9/11 Firefighters Tell How Exp.losions Were Going Off In The Lobby Of WTC1; Important: It's becoming very hard for alternative media to reach people on Facebook, click here to stay connected and aware more easily: go.collective-evolut "All three buildings were destr.oyed by carefully planned, orchestrated and executed controlled demolition" - Profesor Lynn Margulis, Deprtmnt of Geosciences, University of Masachusetts at Amherst 9-11 Cop Who Arrested Dancing Israelis Speaks Five 5 Dancing Israelis Arrested on 9-11 Jews Did 9/11 Proven Part 4. Israeli Mossad Agents Confessing To 9/11 On Israeli TV Inside Israel 9/11 truth will annihilate Israel

@the mad gazan DE Voted for NO, its not NO, its not (2 years 6 months ago)

he has no job and so he is writing nonsense the day long..

FUKESTINE BELONG TO THE MX Observer (2 years 6 months ago)


CLEAR YET BIBI FOKNYAHOO? AU Observer (2 years 6 months ago)

left right and centre we are coming Palestinians are always going to be in their faces we will not bow and we will not surrender from the bottom of my heart I wish death on zionsts and Israel once again the Palestinians managed for the SEVENTH MONTH! running since the war in gaza to put so called Israel out of order till further notice we can all see the look of fear on your fag bibi more settlers in the streets of occupied Palestine and our beloved ALQUDS

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By: SOSO, July 18, 2009


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